THE CRAVE: Pork, pork, pork
THE DESTINATION: Pig Island in Red Hook, Brooklyn

Pork belly s’mores! Like wow. A bite of sweet and salty, crunchy and smooth all in one! By Chef Michael Jenkins of Butter

When pigs can fly. Its such an Interesting expression about things that will never happen. Pigs certainly don’t have the capacity to fly yet but that’s a relief for pork lovers who came out to Red Hook last weekend for the annual Pig Island. Why? Pork dishes were soaring right  into their hungry mouths.

Pig Island is an all you can eat event with numerous vendors serving up the best pork dishes they have. From sandwiches to crispy pork rinds to desserts with the almighty bacon, there was alot of pork to be devoured.  The drink choices were aplenty too with beer (Sixpoint Brewery), French wine (Discover Beaujolais)  coffee (Califia Farms), cider (Down East Original Sin) and whiskey (High West, Hudson).

Here’s a photo recap of my top three favorite eats:


Fleisher’s Craft Butchery takes chilaquiles and changes up the dish by using a fried crispy pork skin as the tortilla!


Not your typical hot dog from Revolving Dansk and Copenhagen Street Foods. This Danish style hot dog called The Chilli Klaus had more a snap in terms of texture served with ketchup, a jalapeno coleslaw, and bacon! And would you look at their pig table decoration :).


Hands down my favorite eat of the day from Neumans Kitchen was the 7 Deadly Sins of Swine, a sandwich of pure perfection. The meat was tender, juicy, and flavorful and the sauces that went with it all made for a spectacular dish.

If you missed out, there’s always next year to pig out. Happy eating and remember: don’t deny, satisfy!