THE CRAVE: Sandwiches
THE DESTINATION: Aperitif (Bayside, Queens) and Anthony and Son Panini Shoppe (Brooklyn, NY)

August is National Sandwich Month! There are so many food holidays, its honestly really hard to keep track of them all but I think sandwiches are pretty universal unlike say, more herbs, less salt day which somehow exists on August 29. Anyways here are two gloriously mouthwatering pictures of sandwiches I ate this month from two different boroughs in NYC:


From Aperitif in Queens, the croque monsieur is France’s version of sandwich indulgence with ham, cheese, bechamel that is FRIED. Optional FRIED EGG ON TOP but seriously that should not be optional.


This Cuban sandwich was massive from Anthony & Son Panini Shoppe in Greenpoint, Brooklyn! They sure know how to make damn good sandwich at that place.

So  go make a sandwich  with whatever you like. Happy eating and remember: don’t deny, satisfy!