THE DESTINATION: The Coffee Collective in Copenhagen, Denmark


On the same street of Jægersborggade where I found donuts, there was a place satisfying another crave of mine: The Coffee Collective.

Basically every one of my main crave groups could have been fulfilled if I had gone to all the places in Jægersborggade but there were other things in Copenhagen to see and do. However, The Coffee Collective registered on my must-try because it is the best coffee shop in Copenhagen. Bold statement backed by multiple visits!

IMAG00868 (1)

A cinnamon bun from Meyers Bakery and a cortado from The Coffee Collective

The Coffee Collective is an independent coffee house with three locations in Copenhagen: one near the center of the city, one in the Frederiksberg disrict, and the one in Nørrebro. What distinguishes them from other coffee shops is they do all the roasting of the coffee beans at their location aka as a roastery. Their beans are sourced from all over the world and this collective works directly with farmers to ensure they get paid equal to the quality of their beans.

As for the menu, you can choose from either coffee or espresso-based drinks such as a latte, a cappuccino, or my choice, a cortado. You have your choice of milk and there are  pastries available though I recommend going to Meyers Bakery right across the street for superb bread. The verdict on the cortado? Perfectly crafted from shot pull to milk frothiness to cup presentation. I actually went back during my stay in Copenhagen for a black coffee after a long day of sightseeing and it was spectacular. It’s super awesome the owners and the baristas are serious about quality from start to finish and it shows in the final product.

So if you’re a coffee lover, The Coffee Collective is a shop you cannot miss in Copenhagen.

Happy eating and remember: don’t deny, satisfy!