THE CRAVE: Ice cream
THE DESTINATION: Multiple locations in New York City; (1) Ample Hills Creamery, (2) Max and Mina’s (3) Big Gay Ice Cream Shop

It’s July in the summer What to eat to cool you down? Ice cream of course and July is National Ice Cream Month thanks to former President Ronald Reagan. It’s halfway over but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the rest of the month. National Ice Cream Day is every third Sunday of the month which will be July 21st for this year. Time to celebrate!

Here is a quick list of ice cream spots in the city to yield to the ice cream craving.


1. AMPLE HILLS CREAMERY (Brooklyn, NY): Just minutes away from the famous Barclays Center, Ample Hills is my favorite ice cream spot in the city due to the high quality flavors they put out which change daily and seasonally. The lines can snake outside the door because it is that good! Bourbon Street, Ooey Gooey Butter Cake, and Salted Crack Caramel are the flavors which rock my mouth. If only this place was closer to me. It’s better that it isn’t.

2. MAX & MINA’S (Flushing, NY): This hidden gem in Queens is one of the top ice cream places in the nation due to the crazy ice creamy goodness they create. Every flavor is handmade and get this: they have over 500 ice cream flavors! The options are endless but luckily there are only a handful to choose from. Beer pickle, merlot, wasabi, and lox are some of the eccentric flavors you could try. Big emphasis on could :).

3. BIG GAY ICE CREAM SHOP (East Village, NY): Known for their truck with their multi-colored logo, the Big Gay Ice Cream shop is a well-known establishment due to their use of social media, soft serve flavor combinations, and quirky names. A dulce de leche soft serve known as the Salty Pimp is my personal favorite but they also have sundaes and ice cream sandwiches too if you prefer your ice cream like that.